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Leanúna Chríost: The "Good Catholic Husbands" and the "Catholic Ryan Gosling" tumblrs offend me just a little bit.







They offend me a lot.

They make presumptions about what a Catholic man “should be” and are just as bad as anyone saying that a Catholic woman “should be” a certain way.

They place unrealistic expectations into the minds of both the Catholic…

I make the Good Catholic Husbands posts and I can say very clearly that they are called “good catholic husbands”, plural, for a reason.  No ONE person can or should ever be all of these things.  I also picked different men to further that idea, that they are different husbands in different marriages.  They are also meant to be fun, lighthearted examples of devoutness, some more silly than others.  I clear most of them with my actual Catholic husband, who is not all of these things, and my Catholic sponsor, who works for the Diocese of Phoenix and speaks on Theology of the Body for the Catholic church.  I understand if some of them are not for you, but they have helped me a great deal and my marriage has actually gotten stronger since making them.  And believe me, my husband is far from perfect. ;)  And I love him exactly the way he is.

As a (hopefully) future Catholic husband, I find them to be bad for my own formation as a Catholic man who feels called to marriage. I’ve noticed the tug to change into these things, and I refuse to bow down and take it. I can only assume that other Catholic men on tumblr have had similar experiences. My own personal experiences are testimony to what I have been arguing.

Saying that I’m taking them “too seriously” and saying that I’m “naive” are condescending in their own right. And condescending remarks I’ve made towards you have only been response to your own condescension. A taste of your own medicine, if you will.

The ends do not justify the means, and while you may have benefited from making these, they have directly harmed my own, and probably other mens’, formation. If you have any respect for the Catholic men of tumblr, you will stop making them. 

I’m still a bit confused as to how they have really harmed your faith formation.  Again, I clear these with a lot of very devout Catholics before posting them, both men and women.  I apologize if they offend you, but my experience has been that most men do not take them this way.  I would also ask which one of my posts has actually offended you.  Also, when I was trying to say anyone who took them too seriously was a bit naive was not trying to be condescending to you, but a statement directed at the women who follow them taking these to be all one person.  That would be naive.  Also, “giving me a taste of my own medicine” is not a good way to respond if you felt I was being condescending.  I’ve told you of my intent, I can understand you don’t like them, but I post them intermittently, among MANY other Catholic things, and I do intend to keep on making them occasionally.  I’ve gotten an overwhelmingly positive response from tons and tons of people, again, both Catholic men and women on them.  If they do hurt your faith I apologize.

I’ve actually gotten quite a kick out of them.  I honestly can’t comprehend how they could be offensive. If he has such a terrible problem, he can block you.  Lord knows how many people I’ve offended that have blocked me.

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