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Pope Francis on the Abuse Scandal

"I want to say two things. The cases of abuses are terrible because they leave extremely deep wounds. Benedict XVI was very courageous and he cleared a path. The Church has done so much on this path. Perhaps more than anyone. The statistics on the phenomenon of the violence against children are shocking, but they also show clearly that the great majority of abuses take place in the family environment and around it. The Catholic Church is perhaps the only public institution to have acted with transparency and responsibility. No other has done more. And, the Church is the only one to be attacked."

-Pope Francis, March 5th interview

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Anonymous asked: Does Catholic Church support health care for all? I'm not talking just about here in the U. S. with Obama care, but in general.

The Catholic Church believes every person is entitled to the opportunity to have adequate medical care. This may be achieved in a variety of ways, and the Church does not particularly care which method is used, (so long as the method chosen does not violate any other moral principle,) leaving the task of discovering what is the most efficient method of delivering the best quality care to those who need it to professionals and experts in those fields. It should be noted that while a government run healthcare system is not necessary, since the government is tasked with the protection of their people’s rights, if those people are not receiving adequate care, then the government does have an obligation to step in and remedy the problem, in a manner that is harmonious with the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity. Does this answer your question?

In Christ,


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Anonymous asked: I've been going through tough times and am starting to question my religion more and more. Have you ever been skeptical?

In many ways I still am.  I accept fully the teachings of the Catholic Church, sure, but do my actions always show that?  I mean, I’ve met people who say things like, “I believe in God because the angels told me about Him,” and I always say, “that’s a touching story,” but in my head I think “Sure they did.”  Also, I believe fully that perfection of the virtues, but I haven’t sold away everything I have and given the money to the poor, and I haven’t thrown myself into thorn bushes or jumped into freezing ponds like some of the saints did to protect their chastity.  I’m not constantly praying or serving the poor.  I push myself, but I also grow complacent. 

I’m not saying one has to go to extremes, or believe every story about angels and God they’re told, but given the radical beliefs I hold as a Catholic, dang, I’m definitely not as radical as I can be. 

My point is, faith is not a destination.  It’s a journey.  While there are principles and beliefs we assent to as Christians, faith itself is not a laundry list of anathemas.  It’s an unwavering knowledge that no matter how high the crap gets, (and it gets high) God will not only dig you out, but then turn it into fertilizer.  And we love Him for it. 

As I’ve said before, I did not accept most of the Church’s teachings for much of middle school and high school.  I started believing them, not because I stopped being skeptical, but because when I applied my skepticism to every possibility, I found the Church’s position the strongest.  So, you’re questioning the Church?  Good.  The Church is a serious thing, and if we stop questioning serious things we’re in big trouble.  But make sure you keep a healthy perspective.  Question everything else too.  And don’t let people give you a distorted idea.  Take people’s advice and do ask for guidance in your search, but go to the source yourself.  Never stop searching for truth.  In the end, if you search for truth, you will find Christ. 



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