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Argument for the Existence of God

Syllogism 1 

1. Either something exists or nothing exists.

2. Nothing cannot exist.

a. Therefore, something exists.


1. There can be no doubt that either something exists, or nothing exists, for the two are dichotomous.  2. Nothing cannot exist, for the idea of nothing itself implies a contradiction.  To say nothing exists is to conceive of some “nothingness” and then say that it, rather than something else exists.  But that “nothingness,” though claiming to represent nothing, would in fact be something, (that which is conceived as “nothingness”) and therefore, something would exist.   In other words, nothing is a term that definitionally has no extension.  But if something has no extension, then it does not exist.  Further, to say, “nothing exists,” requires one to first imagine “something” and then imagine its absence.  Therefore, something must exist since one must necessarily presuppose that something in order to conceive of nothing. 


Syllogism 2

3.     God is that which can be conceived of existing in every possible world, (Definition: God is conceived as a necessary entity)

4.     Only existence can be conceived of existing in every possible world.

a.     Therefore, God is existence.


3. It may be argued that if one defines God as a necessary entity, one is assuming that which needs to be proven, that God exists, since a necessary entity exists necessarily.  But I challenge this on the grounds that it may be impossible to conceive of a necessary entity.  That is to say, a necessary entity may be a term with no extension.  Further, it is clear that any argument seeking to prove or disprove God’s existence must define God as God is properly understood.  God’s necessity is one of the properties of God that believers and nonbelievers consider essential to a definition of God, therefore God must be considered a necessary entity.  Also, it should be noted, if one disagrees with this conception of God, but does not disagree with the rest of the argument, the argument is still sound, having proven the existence of such an entity as was intended to be proven.  The one who disagrees merely disagrees that such an entity is properly called God.  Finally, since God is a necessary being, He must exist in every possible world, for if He did not exist in every possible world, His existence would be conditional on the conditions by which He existed in every world but the ones He did not exist in, but to say God’s existence is conditional is to contradict what has been stated above.  Therefore, God exists in every possible world.  4. Existence must be supposed to exist in a possible world for if we said existence did not exist in this world, it would not be possible for that world to exist, but this would mean it is not a possible world.  Further, existence is the only thing that can be claimed to exist in every possible world, for the absence of any other thing would not make it impossible for the world to exist, but if existence were absent it would be impossible for the world to exist.  Since only existence fulfills the definition of God, it is clear that existence is God. (N.B. By existence I do not mean the totality of existing things, but rather, the principle by which things exist; or put in different words the act of existing itself.)


Syllogism 3

5.     God is existence.

6..     If something exists, then existence exists.

a.     Therefore, if something exists, then God exists.


5. Follows from above.  6. Something cannot exist unless it is possible for things to exist.  It is only possible for things to exist if existence exists.  Therefore, if something exists, then existence exists, and since God is existence, if something exists, then God exists.  By analogy, a man cannot run unless it is possible for men to run.  It is only possible for men to run if running itself exists.  As it is with running, so it is with existence.  Therefore, if something exists, then God exists.


Syllogism 4

7. If something exists, then God exists.

8. Something exists. 1 (2a)

a. Therefore, God exists.


All follows from above.

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Catholic Joke

A little child stopped by a nativity scene and noticing that around the newborn Lord were three animals, asked his mother why those animals were there.

The mother thought for a second and said, “Those three animals represent three great orders of priests. The dog represents the Dominican order, since the Dominicans are great philosophers and theologians, and dogs are the most philosophical animal. Further, Domini-canes means dogs of the Lord. The ox represents the Benedictines, for the Benedictines are known for being steadfast in their prayers and in their work, and the ox’s steadfastness is evident by its perseverance at the plow.”

The child said, “Alright, but which order does the ass represent.”

"That’s simple," The mom replied, "The Jesuits."

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sprawlingspaces asked: it's hilarious that you call me the blog stalker, since I'm only interacting with this tired circle of vigilant anti-heretics since you're reblogging me, and since I only know frau in the first place from her (equally tired) attacks on the glittecclesia way back when

I apologize.  Had I known I was dealing with an emissary of the famed glittecclesia I would have acted with more decorum.  Knowing that now, I swear to treat your threats to destabilize the Roman Catholic Church more seriously. 

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Spiritual Adoption and Homosexuality

On facebook, a friend of mine had posted a prayer that originated from the page “We defend traditional marriage - and we’re gay.” 

Heavenly Father [or Jesus, Mary and Joseph, or Lord Jesus Christ], I love you very much. I beg you to provide help to the LGBT/same-sex attracted person who is in spiritual danger and is most in need of my prayers. Amen.

The prayer came from a post advocating for the “spiritual adoption” of unknown people with same-sex attractions.  The idea seems to be modeled on the concept of spiritual adoption of an unborn child, wherein someone or multiple someones, often a married couple spiritually adopt a child at risk of being aborted by praying for that child’s safety, and sometimes if they know the mother of the child, bringing gifts or necessary supplies to the mother.  One of the biggest purposes of this type of ministry, is that it seeks to create a relationship between the unborn child and its “spiritually adopted parents.”

Now, while we should always pray for each other, especially for our brothers and sisters experiencing overwhelming struggles, of any type, I think this particular strategy leaves something to be desired.  The point of spiritual adoption is to build a relationship with the unborn child.  Those who spiritually adopt a child are encouraged to name it, keep track of its growth, and of course pray for it. etc.  The spiritual adoption of the unborn child is supposed to mimic in a sense, the *actual* adoption of the child.  But how can you do that with the “unknown LGBT person?” An LGBT person as a born person who is at least an adolescent or older is in a situation very different from an unborn child, capable of having a deeper relationship with more “two-way communication” than one can have with an unborn child. 

This is of course not to demean the very meaningful relationships one has with an unborn child, but it should not be demeaning to say that a child still in the womb does not understand as much, and is much more “passive” in a relationship than your typical teenager or young adult.  My point being, that while a “spiritual adoption” of a fetus can model, at least in some way the relationship one can have with an unborn child, and can at least attempt to give the adopter a sense of a relationship one has with that child, such a model fails to accurately portray what its like to have a relationship with a person with same-sex attractions, and that perhaps another model might be better developed. 

Again, I’m not saying, don’t pray for people with same-sex attractions, I’m just saying, the prayers you might say, and the relationship you seek to establish with the person you’re praying for would be very different than those for the unborn child and one needs to be cognizant of that.  To put it another way, why spiritually adopt an unknown person with same-sex attractions when they are in your neighborhood, in your school, in your church?  If you want to help a member of the LGBT community, pray for with them, build a real relationship with them.  If you want to help someone in spiritual danger, (and it should not be assumed that all people with SSA are in spiritual danger any more than the rest of us,) get to know them.  All prayers are good, but the prayer of a friend will do more than any prayer to the “unknown LGBT person.” Be that friend.

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