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Anonymous asked: A friend of mine is answering God's call to priesthood. However, lately I've been getting the feeling that he's attracted to me. I know I can't help it if he likes me, but I don't want to distract him from his vocation. What should I do?

Pray for him mostly.  And remember, the primary responsibility for his discernment is his.  As a good friend you can support him, but don’t feel you have to make all the decisions for him.  If hypothetically, he wanted to date you, and you wanted to date him, you should not feel compelled to say no for fear of distracting him from his vocation, especially since he may not know what his vocation truly is. 

(This of course would be different if he is already in the seminary.  Going to seminary isn’t a “set-in-stone signing your life to the priesthood,” but it is a commitment to exploring it.  It is like dating the priesthood.  So, if he is in seminary, and he actively pursues you, you should make it clear that he is free to date you (only if you want to date him too) or the priesthood, but only one at a time.)

Does this answer your question?  God bless!



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Anonymous asked: I know this might be too personal. Are you discerning a call to marriage since you are not in the seminary? if so, how did you know you were called to marriage? i'm only asking because no one seems to give me an answer besides "you just pray and then you know. duh."

I am actually leaning more towards priesthood in my discerning, though I am leaving everything up to God’s will.  I am not in seminary yet because my parents want me to get a 4-year degree before I enter seminary, but your question still stands.

I would not discount the importance of prayer in discerning a vocation.  I did not even think about the possibility of becoming a priest until I went to adoration and heard the call for the first time.  So, prayer is important, and I would suggest frequent adoration in front of the blessed sacrament is one of the best forms of prayer for spiritual discernment.  

Other than that, ask!  Go to members of different orders, ask them what their life is like.  Speak to married people you trust (parents aren’t a bad start) and ask them what its like to be married.

Finally, something that has helped me, is imagining myself as a priest, and imagining myself as a married man.  Both fantasies are joyful, but when I imagine myself as a married man, it doesn’t feel like me.  It feels like I’m looking on someone else’s life.  When I imagine myself as a priest, I am full participant in the scene, I know it is me I see.  Does that make sense?  

I hope this helps!  God bless!

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spamusubi-deactivated20140222 asked: I recently started reading the bible (no view of any church influencing me) so I apologize if there is something past the gospels but out of curiosity, I saw in another book about a man who is a Priest in the Philippines and in his story and I saw that the Pope was called the Holy Father? Doesn't that go opposite of what Matthew 23:9 says? Especially with the title 'Holy' as well as 'Father'? While it doesn't go in hand with the Holy Spirit or 'Father'.. it just felt weird that he's called that?

It does not contradict the command of Matthew 23:9.

Jesus was speaking figuratively here.  All he meant was do not worship any man on Earth, for you only have one God in heaven.

Jesus was not saying that you couldn’t call your dad, father.  And he was not saying you could not call religious authorities father.  In fact, Jesus himself says, “your father Abraham” once or twice.

Does that answer your question?  God bless!

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Anonymous asked: But Niko, where did Jesus insist on an only male clergy? I must have missed that part of the Bible... Not to mention, how does your policy account for trans* individuals? Is this a sex-based rule or a gender-based one?

You should check this.

As for trans* individuals, as in people who do not accept their natural sex, that is not a “body issue” but rather a psychological issue, where one does not identify with their proper body and should be instructed through therapy on how to accept it.  Apart from this, trans* does not exist. 

In the same way, gender does not exist (language related use of gender aside,) except as a social construct.  Objectively speaking, there is sex, male and female, not gender. 

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brendalina asked: Thought this was a good question from houndoftruth: "So my mom just told me that Catholics consider the Pope equal to God…what is the correct way to respond to this? Part of the difficulty is in that I don’t totally understand what the Pope does, and while I realize she is not correct, I don’t know how to respond at all. So…ummm….help?"

Alright, it seems that the best way to handle this is to start with the basics.  Catholics know that Jesus is the head of the Catholic Church while the Church is the body of Christ. (Colossians 1:24, John 15:5)  But the Pope is the visible head of the Church, as Christ appointed him to be, when he appointed Peter the first pope.  (Matthew 16:18)

So, there are two ways to think about this, and they both reveal truths about the Pope’s relationship with Christ.  One way is that the Pope is Jesus’s ambassador to us, just like a diplomat is the ambassador of a nation.  So, the Pope represents Jesus, and speaks for Jesus to us, and we give him respect as a representative of Christ, but we know he is not himself Christ, and he is certainly not a God.

  The other way, is to think of the Pope as the steward of the Church while we await for the second coming of Christ.  A steward is someone who rules over a kingdom while the king is away, but he is not the king, even though he exercises many of the same powers and with similar authority as that of a king.  So, while we await for the return of Christ the King at the second coming, we trust the Pope, who is guided by the Holy Spirit, to guide the Church, as if Christ Himself was physically guiding it. 

So no, the Pope is not equal to God.  He simply represents Him.

Does that answer your question?  God bless!

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So I haven’t said much about the discernment retreat I went on…

…But, I will say that at least in Baltimore, the faith is alive and well.  There were 25 solid men discerning at this retreat, each of them professing a robust Catholicism.  Many of them seemed drawn to the priesthood, and even if not all of them do join the priesthood, they will still be strong voices for the faith, and wonderful fathers to their own children.

But 25 people who are at least discerning the priesthood, and the vocations director said he was going to another discernment retreat when he left us. 

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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