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Anonymous asked: Would it be a sin to run away from home? What about if you're 18 but still in high school?

I would think running away from home would be a sign of disrespect towards your parents, (and other people who would be worried for you) and an offense against the commandment to honor them. 

Now, of course there would be an exception if the person running away was being abused by their parents, and they were not able to contact the authorities in another way such as by phone, or talking to counselors at school, but outside of this rare exception, I would say that yes, running away from home is a sin.  If you’re 18 I don’t think anything changes morally, it would still be wrong to run away.

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Imagine listening to this as you’re walking up the Via della Conciliazione looking at the Vatican in all its glory in the middle of the afternoon.  I’ve never known how to explain my relationship with the Church, but I almost feel like she’s the Queen mother, who speaks authoritatively and definitively, but with the love of a mother for her child.  She is at once concerned with the fate of the world, and each and every person in it.  I love being a Roman Catholic. 

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theincast asked: We've all heard the old hypothetical situation. A man walks into, say, your classroom with a gun. He says that anyone who believes in God should stand up and he will shoot them. Or something along those lines. Are you supposed to stand up and be a kind of martyr? Or are you supposed to stay seated to spare your life? I've always said the former, but I wonder what your opinion is on this issue.

Go out saying the creed.  (If you could negotiate him sparing the lives of others, and shooting you in a place where there’s no chance of people being hurt, or even better, negotiating him not shooting you, that would be best.  But assuming he’s going to shoot you if you profess your belief, you should be a martyr for the faith, rather than deny Christ and cause scandal.)

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